Notes on My Work

My work is an on going investigation about the nature of representation of objects in art: imagined or perceived, the abstract or the real simulated. The scale of my work ranges from monumental metal sculptures, commissioned public art, to paintings, drawings and artist books.

This interest in representation and relative size, is derived from my studies in perception with Rudolph Arnheim at Harvard University. Literature and symbolism are other influences: Bachelard, Eco, D Arasse.

These are the elements of my work: A system, not a theme.

  • series structured like a novel, disrupted narratives, chapters with significant numbers
  • the image fragmented, in specified re-installations
  • words and texts structuring a single work or series, spelling out phrases incorporated throughout the various works
  • diverse themes or subject matter
  • use of sculpture as object to be represented in paintings or drawings
  • technically elaborate, detailed works

Works in progress

  • El parque de la 79: Based on observations of a park in Bogota. Works on paper of various characters, people, dogs, trees, that I have found in the daily life of the park.
  • El parque de la 79, series 14 ink on hand made paper 23 x 20 cm each
  • Parenthesis, triptych ink and pastel on vellum, 1oo x 210 cm
  • Untitled studies, two diptychs, Indian hand made paper 100 x 140 cm each
  • FLOWERS: a series of 7, each of a different flower. Watercolor on paper accordion book inwoodenbox. 24x20x3cmeach
  • Given 9 Roses: A series of 9. White roses on ivory handmade paper, gouache and collage. Each 70 cm x 50 cm. Series refer to Rose Selavy

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