Notes on My Work

My work is an on going investigation about the nature of representation in art: imagined or perceived, the abstract or the real simulated. The scale of my work ranges from monumental metal sculptures, commissioned public art, to paintings, drawings and artist books.

The interest in the image and its representation is derived from my studies in perception with Rudolph Arnheim at Harvard University. Literature and music are other influences.

My recent abstract geometric work explores a pairing of opposites: geometric structures in contrast with gestural free forms, calligraphy over atmospheric spaces. The paintings suggest movements and patterns in nature: from the microscopic to the cosmic scale.

The recent works represent my reaction against the extreme visual and verbal turbulence within today’s world: in them I look for refuge, retreat into self, silence. They connect with Russian Constructivism and the Arte Concreto movement in Cuban and Brazilian art, editing the elements of painting in a new synthesis. Some of these works are open works, interactive polyptychs of multiple installations.