Text for a Project Room About Migration

Lydia Rubio’s works start out with the premise that Art is a mystery worth investigating even though it cannot ultimately be resolved. Her composite exhibits spread out a conceptual unity among a number of art forms—paintings, sculptures, maps, books—and the objects they represent—birds, boats, landscapes—all of which function like clues in a whodunit.

Seas of Change

For much of her career, Lydia Rubio has painted magical, luminous interiors. They often include tables draped with silken folds or lace-edged cloths, which her artistic sleights of hand transform into the shimmering beaches of Caribbean islands. With unexpected flourishes that not only fool but also thrill the eye, domestic trappings become sandy settings featuring feathery royal palms and verdant hillsides. Such Caribbean scenes harken back to her native Cuba, but Rubio’s art reaches far beyond nostalgia.

Lydia Rubio at Gloria Luria Gallery

She Painted Landscapes, one of eight remarkable works the Cuban-born artist Lydia Rubio exhibited here, shows a fascination with memory and illusion. On a long wooden table, draped with a lace cloth, stand three small palm trees and a book- her grandmother’s- open to a picture of the sea. Between the trees and the book, also small scale, is a romantic mountain vista reminiscent of those of Frederic Church.