SAT, OCT 12 – SUN, OCT 13, 2019, NOON – 6 PM

OPEN STUDIO HUDSON 2019 celebrates the vibrant and talented community of artists and artisans in Hudson, New York. Recently ranked sixth for it’s “arts vibrancy” among small communities nationwide by The National Center for Arts Research, Hudson’s creative economy has been a key factor in its current economic growth and booming tourism industry. Surprisingly despite these statistics, Hudson has not hosted an Artist’s Open Studio tour since 2012.

The FIRST ANNUAL OPEN STUDIO HUDSON 2019 is a self-guided tour of 40 local artist’s studios, taking place on Columbus Day Weekend – Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13. This city-wide event is free and open to the public from noon – 6:00 pm. Area artists working in a wide range of mediums including painting, sculpture, design, photography and printmaking will be participating in Open Studio Hudson. Open Studio Hudson is funded in part by a Grant from The Arts & Entertainment Committee/Tourism Board from the City of Hudson.

The closing reception for artists and visitors will take place at Time & Space Limited, on Sunday, October 13 at 7:00 pm. The reception is sponsored by TSL, a major supporter of culture and the arts in Hudson for over 20 years. At the closing reception, photographer David McIntyre will showcase a selection of photos of Open Studio Hudson’s participating artists as part of his Hudson Portrait Pop-Up project.

The weekend will enable both casual art enthusiasts, as well as serious collectors to explore and experience the artistic process at their own pace.

Opening October 3 – 14
Artist talk December 5th

Journals of Cuba, India and Patagonia. See complete journals videos here.

The Traveling Artist: Journals by Lydia Rubio

This exhibition features artistic documentation of artist Lydia Rubio’s travel narratives across linguistic and geographic landscapes. A multiple series of work including, The Genius Loci Book ( Colombia ), Journal of a Trip to the Island ( Cuba ), and Travel Journals from India, Patagonia, Geneva, and Morocco. The works record the artist’s experiences across a variety of calligraphic, drawing and poetic compositions.

Quotes on books 

Adriana Herrera

“Lydia Rubio has succeeded in bringing into contemporary art the highest expression of the travel diary in a medium such as an artist’s book, the genesis of which takes us back to the Middle Ages.  Her books are iconic: they are exquisite and freely imaginative, much like the drawings done by copyists on margins and, at the same time, are linked to the crossings of endless territories, from real topographies of the places she has lived to immersions in the diverse times of the history of art.” 

“Lydia Rubio‘s Travel Journals are a result of an early appreciation for words and calligraphy. In the 1980s, her practice began to incorporate her fascination with to poets, the act of drawing, the life behind lines and gestures, and the sensual qualities of paper into the medium of the artist’s book. For Rubio, these books are the field where a free stream of thoughts meets the planner of strategist.”

“Lydia Rubio’s Travel Journals are an artistic documentation of the artist’s travel narratives across linguistic and geographic landscapes. The works record the artist’s experiences across a variety of calligraphic, drawing and poetic compositions. This exhibition includes multiple series of work including The Genius Loci Book, Journal of a Trip to the Island, and Travel Journals.”

“The Genius Loci Book 2014, documents the artist trips in Colombia during her extended residence, with notes, maps, watercolors and quotes from A Von Humboldt, Frederick Church, Goethe about landscape and art. The Journal of a Trip to the Island documents the artist’s trip to Cuba in 1999 and contains the studies for works that were later executed after returning to the studio. The works represent her reaction against the extremely visual and verbal turbulence within today’s world. Of them, Rubio says, “in them, I look for refuge, retreat into self, silence.” Continuing this work today, her studio practice is an ongoing investigation of nature and representation in painting: imagined or perceived, the abstract or the real simulated.”

The Protest Art Show at Time & Space Limited in Hudson

The Protest Art Show opened at Time & Space Limited (TSL) on Aug 31. The exhibit was curated by Arte4A, a collaboration by artists Pauline Decarmo, George Spencer and Tom McGill.

This exhibition is a din of about 100 works in diverse media, by approximately 50 artists (mostly local). Works in this show protest everything that begs to be protested–war, capitalism, corrupt leaders, sexual harassment, homophobia, racism, pollution, income inequality. The list goes on and on, because these problems are relentless. Thankfully, the works are not hung in particular/separate groupings, acknowledging that social and political problems overlap, often arising from a common source. So the show is fabulously chaotic and alive. It takes place in a large hall and adjacent room, between which is a revolving door labeled on either side COLORED ONLY and WHITES ONLY. The space is reminiscent of coffeehouses in the 1970s, inviting and funky.

A horde attended the opening– all races, all classes, all ages, forming talking nodes around pieces and actually looking at the art. For example– Alosa Sapidissima by Lydia Rubio–a river fish drawn with white paint and chalk on a black panel is erasable by the viewer, except for the plastic garbage inside the fish. There are Mrs. Butterworth bottles–with wicks. There are redacted documents. There’s far too much artwork here for a single viewing. And POTUS might be disappointed to know that, although referenced, his image is not front and center.