A world of intense contrasts in the works of Sandy Moore.

Exhibition at Leonardo Sideri Gallery,  556 State Street, Hudson NY.

Oct 26-Nov 30th, 2019

The intimate spaces of a house transformed into a gallery by Leonardo Sideri provide a contrasting stage to the visually elaborate works of Sandy Moore. The delicate frames, medium sized formats and careful technique, keep under control the impact of the show’s explosive subject matter.

More contrasts are exposed: combinations of abstract geometric forms, triangles and circles interwoven with representations of body parts, snakes, ropes, cats, nails. An unsettling world is carefully drawn and rendered in brilliant watercolors and gouache in vivid, almost festive colors.

Small abstractions within the works attract the eye like brief and relieving parentheses. Moore favors a process of research, sketches multiple charcoal drawings, to get to the elaborate finished pieces. The discipline required of the artist is also required of the viewer, the discipline of prolonged looking.

“This Happened” is a narrative sequence of eight works that addresses the universal racial repression by whites against people of color in a time frame of five centuries from 1500 to today. An enigmatic Africanmasked cubist character acts throughout the series as the executioner of the black race until his final falling as a white headless mutilated body.

The center room becomes a pause with seven works: “Clouds and Lightening Storms “. Nature is abstracted as heavy clouds in circular movements, thunder in expressionistic Kandinsky like rays and triangular forms that surround pure white background spaces. The contrasts persist.

A small side room confronts us again with the horrible. The Khashoggi’s Last Five—Headphones for Everyone, is a response to Jamal Khashoggi’s death at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul in 2018. Surgical tools, saws, interwoven with body parts and circles of blood in formally resolved works, reminds us of Picassos’ Guernica painted in rage.

Violence reigns and also wins. As in many previous successful artworks about terrible incidents formal coherence saves us from disgust. Keeping our blinders or blindfolds on will not dismiss the issues addressed by Moore neither the relentless oppression she points at nor the emotional effect of this exhibition.

These paintings can be viewed on her website sandymooreartist.com