Local artist Lydia Rubio has occupied a studio on Warren Street for about a year. After considering her financial future in the wake of COVID-19, she recently decided to create a studio at home and move her gallery digital, showing at the online Davis Orton Gallery this summer.

“The idea of going digital is great, and even main galleries are doing it, right?” Rubio said. “It will free the art world from old rules and it will eventually help a lot of artists. It is like a new age… it’s a change that might benefit everyone.”

Rubio has been using this time to work on an abstract series called “Encounters,” which she hangs in her living room on the “Pandemic Wall.”

“It’s about struggle — the struggle of exterior forces and a stable rectangle,” Rubio said. “In a sense, it’s a contrast of elements, isolation versus activity, movement versus static.”

Rubio said she feels lucky to have the creative work to do, otherwise she doesn’t know how she would handle isolation.