A Hudson Emergency Arts grant project 9. 2020  in collaboration with poet Marjorie Agosin.  See featured video at the Hudson Art Fair site.

View of Letters to Hudson, 2020

Stack of envelopes to be sent

Letter #6 Watercolor, collage, ink on handmade paper . 12 x 9 “

Interactive paintings performance at the Lumberyard, Catskill NY. 9. 15. 2019. Exhibition of five large format paintings on panel related to environmental issues in the Hudson River. The public was invited to participate in a sequence of erasures and redrawing of the works including references to the sites painted by Frederick Church and Thomas Cole, to evidence the urgency to stop the destruction of nature.

See video here

A 4 minute video about artistic approach and recent paintings. Produced by MCS Photo Space May 2018 at studio in The Fountainhead, Miami FL.

2014 Acrylic and chalk on panel 210 cm x 120 cm

2014 Acrylic and chalk on panel
210 cm x 120 cm

Video of a public interaction with erasable painting IMBORRABLE (Indelible), acrylic and chalk on panel.Interaction based on in a process of erasing and redrawing the image of the Tequendama waterfall, to evidence the environmental problems causing the disappearance of the Salto del Tequendama, an iconic site in Colombia.

Video de la interaccion publica con IMBORRABLE, acrilico y tiza sobre panel. El publico interactuo en un proceso de borrar y redibujar el agua del salto.  La intencion de esta obra es senalar los problemas ambientales que estan causando la desaparicion del Salto del Tequendama.

painting hand

On a trip to Rajasthan, I visited the Sanskrit School for Children in Chanoud Garh. With the help of the village painter and inspired by figures of animals and plants commonly used in Indian art, I completed a mural piece of 300 cm x 400 cm. The piece will be used to teach words and shapes to elementary school children.

Genius Loci: La Sabana, Exhibition at La Localidad, Bogota CO. Curated and with an essay by Eduardo Serrano

A reinterpretation of the landscape of the Bogota Sabana, in 28 oils, a large format accordion travel journal with drawings and texts on landscape, and 18 watercolors and ink drawings. Landscape, geometry, numbers and words combined in polyptychs with a detailed technique and naturalistic emphasis. An appropriation of the sabana, making visible the invisible.


Travel journal with maps, quotes, drawings about the landscape of the sabana. 50 cm x 500 cm handmade accordion book

Genius Loci, a travel journal of drawings, quotes, and maps. Accordion book. Watercolor and ink on paper, 50cm x 500 cmOil on panel poliptych of 6 pieces horizontal installation 150 cm x 250 cm


Polyptych SABANA , oil on panel 6 pieces, horizontal installation 150 cm x 250 cm



The Gate of Earth, Passenger Terminals Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Public art work by Lydia Rubio 2008 Commissioned by the Raleigh-Durham International Airport, NC.

Lydia Rubio 2001, Public art commission by Dade County Art in Public Places. Port of Miami, Disney Passenger Terminals.

Lydia Rubio Exhibition of paintings at Kunsthaus, Miami 2007 Featured works LOT 24 and Airtalk, statement by artist.